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Guiding you through the processes of new technologies

At Senan Group LLC, we help our clients become involved in new and emerging technologies that can help improve their companies. Our goal is to assist them in becoming educated on how these new technologies can help further their competence and quality as an enterprise. Aside from that, our professionals will also ensure that each client will meet each compliance requirement, as well as help them implement these into action.


Cloud Compliance for Regulatory Use

  • SaaS Validation for GxP
  • IaaS Qualification for GxP
  • Cloud Design Strategy for GxP
  • Applications Migrating of GxP
  • Applications to Cloud

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Regulatory Use

  • Program Management for ML and AI
  • Develop AI and ML Regulatory Strategy
  • Design AI and ML Models
  • Develop Regulatory Test for AI and ML
  • Implementation Implement Productive Compliance Models
  • Application of AI Models for Risk Management

Robotic Process Automation

  • Program Management for RPA
  • Develop RPA Regulatory Strategy
  • Design RPA Models
  • Develop Regulatory Test for RPA Implementation

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