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What Are the Benefits of Audit Trail Reviews?


If you are in the industry of health information, IT, e-commerce, legal and research, finance, and accounting, chances are, you may have considered or even completed an audit trail review as part of data management, budget planning, and tax or other audit compliance.

But there is more to these records than providing support documentation and history. As a provider of consulting services in New Jersey offering audit trail reviews as part of our Empower Data Review services, we are listing down some of the most important benefits of using audit trails:

  • User accountability
    Audit trails promote appropriate user behavior and accountability because any action implemented is automatically recorded and easily traced back to their identity.
  • Event reconstruction
    After a cybersecurity threat has been neutralized, the next natural step for your cybersecurity team and IT consultants in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and elsewhere, would be a reconstruction of the incidence to form a clearer picture and identify the vulnerabilities of the system. Audit trails serve as keys to reconstructing this information and preventing similar outages or hacking incidences.
  • Regulation and protection
    Audit trails draw a detailed and particularized narrative of every action and behavior input into your systems, including records of intrusion and other suspicious activity. These form a blueprint for creating a robust regulation and protection system.

Have you done an audit trail review lately? Leave it to our experts. Our IT solutions in Bridgewater, New Jersey at Senan Group LLC are equipped with the resources and expertise to track internal system abnormalities, remediate them, and ensure their protection. Call us today!

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