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Date Integrity 101: Why It Is Important

by | May 25, 2023 | Data Validity | 0 comments


Data integrity is the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of data and its safety regarding regulatory compliance and security, such as GDPR compliance. Through the implementation of standards, rules, and processes, data integrity is maintained. No matter how long data is stored and how often it is accessed, as long as the data integrity is secure, the information will always be reliable, accurate, and complete.

Data integrity is important to protect yourself or your business from a data leak or data loss. You need to ensure that the users that you allow to access and handle your data are handling it correctly so that you can keep important data safe. Through data integrity programs that implement error checking and appropriate data validation, you can reduce the potential risk of exposing your data to those with malicious intent. This also makes sure that sensitive data will never be stored incorrectly.

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