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Email Security Is More Important Than You Think

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Email Security | 0 comments


A recent study found that email is the primary method of initiating the vast majority of cyberattacks. Email is used by criminals for a variety of malicious purposes, including spreading malware and gaining access to corporate networks. A company’s operations could be severely disrupted if the email is compromised. Emails may contain private information that should only be read by the intended recipient. If emails are not encrypted, this sensitive data could be accessed.

The requirement to validate corporate email underscores the significance of email security. If an unauthorized user is able to send emails that appear to come from an official company account as part of a business email compromise (BEC) attack, fraud may occur.

Password management, best practices like multi-factor authentication, and cyber awareness training for employees are all parts of a comprehensive approach that businesses must take to email security. An email security system, as part of your cybersecurity services, that works with other systems and processes in an organization can help keep everyone safe when it is done right. Implementing a comprehensive security policy for the company’s email can be intimidating, but starting with the basics could pay off in the long run. No matter how advanced its other security technologies may be, an organization will not be able to defend itself against threats brought about by email.

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