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Recognizing and Avoiding Phishing Attacks

by | May 12, 2022 | Phishing Attacks | 0 comments


Attackers will do everything to gain access to your resources. Scammers use various baiting methods to trick you into revealing personal information that can be used to access your account. Fighting phishing attacks start with being vigilant to recognize the attempts and establish measures to prevent these in the first place. Discuss your Cyber Security concerns with reliable IT Consultants in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

How do you spot a phishing attempt? These emails or text messages can appear authentic at first glance. The message may contain logos of familiar or known vendors and websites. However, upon closer inspection, you may notice something off.

For example, a review of the sender’s email address or mobile number can reveal if the sender is a representative of the organization they are claiming to be from. Names and logos may be missing keywords or contain spelling errors.

Another key identifier for a phishing attack is that it instructs you to click on a link or open an attachment. Employing social engineering to incite fear or excitement, the recipient may be tempted to follow the instruction to avoid paying a penalty or receiving a prize.

Protecting yourself and your company from these attempts starts with having a security software setup. Senan Group LLC continues to provide Consulting Services in New Jersey. Having an automatic update ensures you have the latest security features. Maximize the use of multi-factor authentication to achieve extra security. Do not let your company be at the mercy of these scammers by backing up your data to ensure business continuity.

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