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Common Signs You May Have Malware in Your Computer

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Computer Malware | 0 comments


Malware is software that executes malicious programs or actions in your computer or network. Common types of malware include ransomware, spyware, and command & control. It is one of the most common types of cybersecurity attacks that target business owners, organizations, and individuals, crippling operations, leaking sensitive information, and freezing computer systems.

We offer IT solutions, and here are some common signs that you may have malware in your computer to look out for:

  • Your Computer Starts Slowing Down

    Malware executes unauthorized programs in the background of your computer, causing it to slow down significantly, especially when your computer is under significant load.

  • You Are Experiencing Unexpected Pop-Ups

    A typical sign of malware is if your computer screen gets overrun by annoying ads or pop-ups. This type of malware is commonly known as adware. The pop-ups can also come packaged with other hidden malware threats and programs. Learn how you can address malware by talking to our IT consultants in New Jersey.

  • You Are Experiencing a Mysterious Loss of Disk Space

    Some types of malware can save unnecessary software bloat in your computer, taking up valuable disk space. This hidden software or programs are often squatting deep in your system files, making them harder to detect.

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