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Why Small Businesses Should Take Cyber Security Seriously

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Cyber Security | 0 comments


Every business is at risk for cyber security attacks. However, recently, small businesses are the prevalent targets. This is mainly because larger companies have taken the necessary steps in upgrading their security, which made it harder for cyber criminals to attack them. While small businesses may have developed their own strategies in battling cyber threats, they may not be as large-scale as expected, and this explains why ransomware, e-fencing, and phishing attacks are now directed at them.

Despite the danger, IT consultants in Bridgewater, New Jersey have observed that only a few small businesses can rate their cyber safety highly. This leaves many businesses greatly vulnerable to security threats.

No matter what service or product you offer or how small your business is, relying on technology for your business operations exposes you to attacks.

Consulting services in New Jersey understand that one huge factor hindering small businesses to set up protective barriers for their digital data is its high cost. However, it’s a worthy investment, given that the average cost of a breach for small businesses only reaches up to $38,000.

Make sure your cloud security and governance protect your credit card credentials, intellectual property, and social security numbers. This is especially important if you are small business partners with larger corporations, as this provides a back-channel entry for hackers.

The cost of high-quality cyber security and computer system assurance may not even matter than the possible cost of a breach to your business. Secure your business with the help of Senan Group LLC.


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