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Importance of Connected Health in the Healthcare Industry

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Connected Health | 0 comments


Connected Health refers to the new technology-enabled model of healthcare delivery where health-related data is shared and interventions, services, and devices are designed around the patient’s needs.

Technology has addressed healthcare inefficiencies that can impact both quality and cost. It paves the way for better physician-patient relationships, more efficient operations, better outcomes, and a healthier society overall. This is why most healthcare businesses turn to IT consultants in Bridgewater, New Jersey to better their Connected Health systems.

Here are why you should let consulting services in New Jersey help you with the new healthcare trend:

  • Allows better physician collaboration
    Given the video conferencing, remote patient monitoring, store and forward options, and electronic health records for data integrity (FDA), physicians can better collaborate on patient care and interact with one another.
  • Increases care access
    Connected health can increase patients’, specialists’, and primary care providers’ access to care. Telehealth especially allows patients to schedule their appointments anywhere.
  • Promotes patient engagement
    This tech-savvy solution also leverages various communication channels and provides better patient record access. This way, physicians can easily access and answer patients’ questions; hence, increasing patient engagement for their own health.
  • Betters preventative care
    Remote patient monitoring improves prevention for potential health problems before they become serious issues.
  • Broader tracks of population health
    Not only does Connected Health allow for better individual health record, but it also improves the tracking of population health, particularly health trends among population groups.

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